SEO Demystified for busy business owners

If you have been trying to have a website for your business, chances are you have heard about SEO. Maybe you think of it as ‘another annoying step to get my website done’, or if you’re more knowledgeable ‘SEO seems important for my website to appear on google’. Regardless of your knowledge, we’re going to explain it as simply and as relatable to you as possible as a business owner.

Brick and Mortar Store Analogy

We’re going to use an analogy with a brick and mortar storefront.

Imagine you’re about to open a restaurant. You’re going to be selling tasty Peruvian food. Question, is the location of the restaurant important? drumroll…. Yes, it is! You wouldn’t want the restaurant in the heart of a luxury spa and wellness center, or even worse, in an abandoned neighborhood. You want to open it where lots of potential customers are.

In a similar way that you can choose a great location for your restaurant, you can also choose a ‘location’ for your website. These locations are essentially the results of people typing keywords on Google. When a user types something on Google and presses enter, what they see is called a SERP (search engine result page) which contains:

  • Featured snippets (or answer boxes)
  • Advertising
  • The 10 blue links (your website can appear here)

You can think of those search keywords like malls. And you can choose which mall you want your store to appear in.

In our example, when people search on google “peruvian restaurants near me” that’s a location or mall you care about, but when people search “landscaping services” that’s a location you don’t care about. Some longer keywords, like “cheap Peruvian restaurant in Sacramento,” are like those less-traveled areas – not many people search for them. Meanwhile, broader terms like “Peruvian restaurants” are more popular, but they can also be very competitive.

The Goal is to Rank Higher

Once you’ve found your target keyword(s), you will want to rank high in the SERPs. You want your website to be in the first page, and in the top 3 results. And in order to do that, you have to optimize your website for that specific keyword. That’s what SEO (search engine optimization) is about.

Google is savvy, and it will show the best results based on its algorithm, considering a website’s online presence, reputation, and reviews.

Three SEO Tips to Kick Things Off

Here are some tips to help you get started:

1. Choose Relevant Keywords: Pick keywords that match what your potential customers are searching for.

2. Create Quality Content: Regularly update your site with valuable information. Google loves that!

3. Mobile-Friendly Matters: Ensure your website looks good and functions well on mobile devices.

At TecPro, we offer SEO services bundled with website design. Get in touch with us. We want to help your business thrive online.

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